Filmac Meccanica srl is an ICIM certified company and we are an organization with RINA certified welding processes and personnel.

In Filmac Meccanica we carry out strict controls on our productions.

In particular, at the customer’s request, the following checks are carried out:

  1. visual inspection
  2. verification of the hardness of the materials
  3. verification of magnetic particles. To make these checks we use:
    • X-ray
    • thermography
    • penetrant liquids
    • ultrasound
    • endoscopy
    • chemical tests

In this way we can provide the following certifications:

  •  drawing design
  • certification static
  • verification certificate
  • certification of suitability of the calculations
  • material certificates
  • certificates of welders
  • wire certificates gas
  • certificate copy of the patetino of the welders