Manufacturing operations and constructions

Machine list

Our company has two sheds for manufacturing operations : the first one has 2100 square meters including the following equipment:
N°1 Boring machine CNC ECS COLGAR 12500 (x axis) X 3000 (y axis) X 1500 (z axis)
N° 1 Plasma cutting machine I.M.AL 4000 X 2000 SP. 22 mm
N° 1 Press folding machine SCHIAVI 4100 X 200 tons. SYNCHRO 4 AXIS
N° 1 Boring machine CNC ECS PAMA ACP 152 HEAVY TYPE TURNING TABLE 12 TON 2000*2500*2000
N° 2 Work centres CNC ECS iso 45 800*500
N° 3 Bridge crane, 10 Ton each
N° 1 Milling machine INDUMA iso50 350 X 1000 X 400
N° 1 Milling machine BERICO iso40 bi-rotary head 300 X 1000 X 350
N° 1 Boring machine PAMA with turning table 6 tons. 2700 X 1900 X 1900
N° 1 Milling-planing machine TOSS 6500*1900*1900
N° 1 Centre lathe URSUS 200*1500
N° 1 Centre lathe CU50CMT 250*2000 PB105
N° 1 Centre lathe SAIMP 410*3000
The 4000 square meters newly designed second shed has been equipped with two bays with two bridge cranes of 20 and 30 tons each working in pairs and a third lay equipped with two bridge cranes of 30 tons working in pairs. Here we make heavy carpentry works and assembly of tools on technical drawing.

Manufacturing process and constructions

Food industry machines
Plants for quarries and inert waste treatment
Machines for marble and wood processing
Conveyor belts
Machines for packaging
Presses for waste and iron scraps
Equipment for trucks
... any other structure on technical drawing!
We also offer repair and overhaul services for earth-moving machines and other types.
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