FILMAC MECCANICA s.r.l. was born in 1990 and has gained experience in the field of mechanics thanks to Mr. Fiorenzo Barini.

FILMAC deals with mechanical processings and machine tools, by satisfying any customer request. Furthermore, over the years it has operated as contractor in the manufacturing and assembling of oleo-dynamic power units, conveyor belts, industrial ovens, quarterdecks for construction purposes and attractions for amusement parks.

Our business is related to the production and assembling of drawing details given by customers. We manage any kind of technical consulting, with high flexibility at production level.

Moreover, as for our turnery department, we provide production of small (1 pc) and big (500 pcs) series.

As for our carpentry department, we provide construction and assembly of medium-heavy and heavy structures.

We also carry out both sales and consignment work.

Deliveries and picking up, also for consignment goods, are made by our own means.

... Fast and favourable deliveries!!

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Project Image